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My name: mohd noor hazman
My Fotopage: http://mnhazman.fotopages.com/
About me:
From: Malaysia
Other: entah....
zeti becky zain
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t i a r r a m o n
Latest entry:sellin!
here are some of my prized posession!for sale! air max 1 x atmos.....condition 9/10...still great.....rm700 nego nike huarache stussy....condition 8.8/10.....great colorway.....rm250 nike huarache grey.....condition 9.9/10......rm300 air max 1 woven.....condition 8.5/10....rm150 footscape 360 woven....condition 8.5/10....rm300 nike acg messenger bag.....condition 9.6/10....rm300 adidas obyo kzk cycle jacket...size m...this is a great cycling jacket......condition still new......rm550 head porter t... View this Fotopage entry
clarks wallabee
Kamil Baik
Pihak MHCC Pahang dengan selambanya akan menganjurkan satu Konvoi Suka suka hati, taknak pegi sudah..yang akan berlansung dari KUANTAN - TAMAN NEGARA Detail: XTVT - KONVOI KUALA TAHAN (TAMAN NEGARA) TARIKH : 23hb - 24hb MAY 2009 MASA : 8am (Berkumpul di Tol Gambang) LALUAN : TBA akan dibentang oleh MARSHALL Pigie Bayaran: RM65 nett w/o Breakfast Queen Bed (6 bilik Booked) RM45 nett w/o Breakfast Single bed 2x (3 bilik booked) + BBQ(RM10 /head) + selected event (tiada paksaan) Park Permit : RM1... View this Fotopage entry
yaya othman
www.dryaya.blogspot.com hello pretty people! i've moved to another site and hope could still be in touch with y'all, do visit me there!! :-> View this Fotopage entry
pink flowers + green
Mior Haslem n Nur Azura
Latest entry:Zara is now a model!
For more stories, http://somethingaboutazura.blogspot.com/(click here) View this Fotopage entry
Samsuzana Aziz
Latest entry:We Have Moved
Salam.. I would like to thanks to those who came to our wedding reception. We really appreciate it. This is a photo from our photographer during the wedding. By the way, this would be my last post at fotopages. I don't have much time to take/upload pictures recently, but if I do, I'll update it at http://samcun.blogspot.com/ (sorry fotopages). So see you http://samcun.blogspot.com/(there)! View this Fotopage entry
edleen ismail
Latest entry:Happy Time...Let's Celebrate !!
I'm feeling happy...Super Duper Happy ! Well of course there is a reason behind it...Well, today is my 3rd Wedding Anniversary with hubby dearest ;-) :-> :-> Happy 3rd Anniversary Sayang 8-) 8-) It has been a wonderful 3 years...with lotsa joy and laughters... :-> :-> Dear Daddy, thanks for being a wonderful husband and a super cool daddy to Cikonet.. ;-) I cherish every moment that we're together and i always pray to God that our loves will remain stronger and stronger each day. I'm glad to have ... View this Fotopage entry
Dr Ezura MMM and Dr Asrul AW
Latest entry:backdated entry - Jihan posing alone @ Putrajaya
20 September 2008 View this Fotopage entry
wex ganu
Latest entry:Desa Ukiran Kayu Besut
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ardillahanim abdulrazak
Latest entry:merisik ke chendering :)
alhamdulillah.. proses merisik shida utk angah settle sudaa.. few photos sebagai kenangan View this Fotopage entry
Shida... with the fruities n cakes...
ayah ibu aniq amni
Latest entry:amni dah besar sikit...
amni is gonna be 5 months old next month... skang ni dia more responsive..especially dgn abang aniq dia... kadang2 tu, ibu tgh masak kat dapur..dia adik beradik kat depan boleh terkekek2 ketawa... and then, amni selalu dok perhati aje apa abang aniq dia buat. as if she wants to try it too... especially kalo abang aniq makan depan amni... terkulat2 baby amni... tak boleh la sayang, tunggu 6 bulan kay? and alhamdulillah, amni is growing up with ibu's milk only... insyaallah, ibu akan keep on breas... View this Fotopage entry
Ahmad Fauzan Mohd Zaki
Latest entry:Define Your Lifestyle....Toyota RUSH
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Nami Salman
Latest entry:Wajah-wajah AIN
Setelah sekian lama tak update fotopage kerana kesibukan kerja dan menjaga cik ain... terimalah aksi-aksi ain :-D View this Fotopage entry
Fauzana Mokhti
Latest entry:family recreation at batu ferringhi
rent an apartment at petronas rest house, batu ferringhi on 21st and 22nd of december. the whole family unite together with our penaung maksu and special guest makchak. thanks to everybody esply bangchak and k ima whose give a good price for 2 nights dan 2 days apartment. thanks to bangchik and k fata whose our mastermind of recreational planner. last but not least thanks to my lovely husband who gives a good support in reducing my weight :) View this Fotopage entry
Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Pengkalan Chepa
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Latest entry:Test Drive.....
Bukan test drive kete baru......aku test drive lepas 40 hr tak bawak kete jauh2..........On the way back to penang from Terengganu with Love View this Fotopage entry
around 7.30pm
Maizura Latip
Latest entry:Move on...
Korang.. Rasanya fotopages ni akan ditutup ler..hehe sbb nak berpindah ke rumah baru iaitu di blog plak.Sbb skrg rasa more to blogging.So nnti leh bebel banyak2 pasal Nasya..And tak perlu la nak letak gambar bnyk sgt.hehe Sila ke http://okinokiyo.blogspot.com(http://okinokiyo.blogspot.com) Ada updates terbaru masa gi Spore.hehe View this Fotopage entry
ni gmbo session lain huhu
Perdana Menteri ben aries
Latest entry:Long due post.....Malaysian GP...some picture of it...
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the inverted pyramid, inside entrance of louvre....
da macho man da coolest man
Latest entry:kenangan 38 weeks in montague burton
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Harry Raub
Latest entry:KL International Motor Show 2006
Kekadang kene diversify gak .. :-D :-D :-D :-D LOL LOL :-D :-D :-D :-D Gambar ford tu , inspired by Jay . Jay Live Here . . http://jayphotography.fotopages.com/(Jay Photog) View this Fotopage entry
eyes of the BEHOLDER
Latest entry:futsal tournament... team sesma..
team sesma lelaki... mmg power ahh.. tp team pompuan... igtkan tak power.. skali dpat masuk final.. congratulation anyway.!!! baju oren smart..!! View this Fotopage entry
training before finalee!!
aeyya shukur
Latest entry:Dil's engagement
"I don't remember how we happened to meet each other. I don't remember who got along with whom first. All I can remember is all of us together...always." View this Fotopage entry
Suraya Albakri
Latest entry:Day 18
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hazaruddin awang
Latest entry:Geri
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Latest entry:SHELL Fuel Economy - World Record Challenge
http://www.fuelchallenge.com/ View this Fotopage entry
mass qi
Latest entry:to be continued
please visit http://massqi.fotopages.com for my latest photos. this site will no longer be updated. thank you View this Fotopage entry
ira shabriz
Latest entry:Land of Bangkok:Safari World
almost spend the whole day here....coz the place is hugeeeeee!bigger than our zoo negara of course,and 10times better. View this Fotopage entry
tigers makin out!*!
omar affan
Latest entry:Wedding Apit
Alhamdulillah... Wedding Apit berjalan dengan lancar... Akad nikah was on 17 Dec while Kenduri was 18 Dec... Palace was the Best Man... and i was the Chot's Family best Photographer... Even the kenduri was at the pengantin perempuan's side, a few of PC-ian able to come and make the ceremony meaningful. Those who attend were: Khalid Ja'a Fatayal and Partner Paknon Ada lagi tak yang aku tinggal?? aku pon pelupa.. aha - Tina pun sebenaq nya datang, tapi dah sampai umah pengantin - bos dia called... View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Jam di Ampang
Jam di Ampang bersama kawan-kawan.. menampilkan pelapis pemain drum yg akan menggantikan aku nanti.. hehe.. yours truly xde dlm gambar sbb sibuk amik gamba org lain.. :satisfied_nod: View this Fotopage entry
dan tak lupe juge, the other half abg tora, cik nora.. huhu.
ted xx
Latest entry:works ..
tis is sooo related to my current project .. View this Fotopage entry
same item .. same location .. pose jek lain skit
Azlan Azim Azali
Latest entry:Sabah Trip 2005
Nanti la bila aku senang skit.... aku ulas balik la ok? View this Fotopage entry
Tobat lepas ni tak nak naik dah!

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